About Alian

With more than ten years of experience in the field of immigration and with the cooperation of the best official lawyers of Iran, Europe, Canada and the United Kingdom, Alian International Group (Alian Mohajer Pars Institution, is legally registered in Iran-Tehran under N. 53412) provides unique services in obtaining various types of visas, including: student visa, work permit visa, investment and visitor visa. The founders of the Alian International Group are all elites, graduates of the Iran top universities and residing in European countries: Spain, Austria and Germany and always make every effort to provide the highest quality services.

Alian International Group represents more than 200 prestigious universities from 5 continents and always use the advice of international experts and lawyers in Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Hundreds of successful cases for student visas, investments and work-permit visa confirm our reputation and being professional. Interaction based on trust and satisfaction of clients is the greatest honour and the most valuable asset of Alian international Group.

The goal of the Alian international Group It is not just about giving you an immigration route, but it is about creating a new life.

Alian International Group, consisting of the most experienced and experienced consultants in the field of immigration and private international law and has various departments in the field of immigration, is ready to provide specialized services in this field. Alian international Group is with you step by step to choose the best and most suitable immigration method to start living again according to your circumstances.

The services of Alian International Group include: Immigration advice, obtaining a visa and residence permit through study, investment,  Company registration, Working abroad, as well as offering specialized and intensive training courses in English, German and Spanish with the aim of obtaining valid international certificates such as ITELS, TOEFL, Goethe, ÖIF and ÖSD.

One of the reasons for our selection by our clients is quick response, honest and non-exaggerated consultation and providing up-to-date and accurate information.

According to the standards of the Alian International Group and in order to protect the rights of clients, the services of lawyers and experts of the same country should be used in every method and country. For example, applying for residence permit in Canada be reviewed by the ICCRC lawyers, and the spain golden visa process be carried out by a local lawyer in Spain.

With Alian live your dream